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Pole Overturning Machine

Working Process

This pole overturning machine is designed to reduce time and work for adjusting and leveling poles. By connecting to the robot, the seams of flange could be welded automatically. The working process of this pole overturning equipment is as follows:

1. The operator shall read the operation manual before starting this pole overturning machine.

2. Carry out trial run to be familiar with all controls and confirm every part can work normally.

3. Working schedule is programmed into PLC.

4. Load the pole on this pole overturning equipment, level the pole body by motorized elevator, adjust the center line by the lead screw wheel and clamp by the gas cylinder.

5. Robot arm will be used to weld two seams on flange. Signal will be sent to the machine after finishing welding.

6. This pole overturning machine will receive the signal and rotate the pole 180°, then signals will be sent to the robot.

7. The robot will weld the rest two seams on flange before sending signals to the machine.

8. This pole overturning equipment will rotate back to 0°. Operator releases the gas cylinder to unload the pole.

9. Load second pole and clamp by the gas cylinder.

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