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CNC Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine

CNC oxy-fuel cutting machine is a multifunctional thermal auto-cutting device combined together with computer control, precise mechanic transmission and oxygen-acetylene gas cutting. Its CNC cutting torch can cut plates in arbitrary shape. Several cutting torches fixed at one side of the gantry can cut many steel plate strips.

This CNC oxy-fuel cutting equipment is composed of rack (drive end/cross beam), longitudinal guideway, longitudinal torch (multi-head), transverse torch (CNC), gas-supply system and CNC system. Both drive and idler ends/cross beams adopt welded box-beam structure and have stress relief treatment after welding. The longitudinal moving drive end beam of this CNC oxy-fuel cutting machine uses AC servo electric machine (Panasonic) to drive the decelerator (Germany NEUGART). At the side of driving end beam fixed the horizontal directive wheel fastened by adjusting the eccentric shaft, therefore, the stability and accuracy during the whole moving can be assured. The longitudinal guideways of this CNC oxy-fuel cutting equipment is fixed by pressure plate backing board and connecting sleeve, all made by high intensity track, all the contact surface of track have precision machining and accurate grinding racks. The transverse cutting torch of the CNC oxy-fuel cutting machine is fixed on the transverse tool carriage. The directive wheels at the ends of cross beam can tension the steel strip. Gas supplying is realized with shunt.

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