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Cantilever Welding Machine

The cantilever welding machine consists of trolley, column, boom, welding arm & carriage, welding torch mechanical tracking device, flux treatment system, gas circuit and electric control system.


1. All welding seams are welded according to the requirements of equal strength welding seams. After welding, the seams are annealed and heat-treated for stress relief and preventing deformation.
2. Traveling while welding is driven by the trolley and controlled by variable frequency. The trolley can quickly move back after welding to improve work efficiency.
3. The flux treatment system of this cantilever welding equipment is composed of flux bucket and flux recovery machine. Dust will be sucked into the flux recovery machine and large block of flux will remain in the recovery barrel.
4. Electric control system of this cantilever welding machine consists of electric control box and operation panel. This system controls the movement of the boom, and through this system, users can adjust the welding parameter.

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