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Elevating Welding Rotator

This elevating welding rotator is an ideal equipment for welding and processing tapered tank. The elevating turning roll consists of powered rotator, idler rotator, elevating device and electric control system. Electric or hydraulic elevating mode is available for your choice.


1. Rollers of this elevating turning roll are made of PU for improved transmission and driving capacity, and extended service life.
2. All motors use frequency inverter motor.
3. The bearings are roller bearings which have strong capacity and impact resistance.
4. The shafts of our elevating welding rotator are tempered, and all the gears are quenched.
5. The base is welded with profiles and plates, stress released, shot blasted and treated with rust removing.
6. The shaft holes of this elevating turning roll are machined by NC boring machine to ensure accuracy.
7. The control system of the elevating welding rotator consists of control cabinet and remote control box. Schneider inverter and components are furnished to provide stable speed and operation.
8. Control cabinet is fixed on the machine body to facilitate transportation.

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