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H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

The workpiece surface may contain rust, dust, etc. when in production, machining, transportation or storing. To extend the service life of workpiece, the surface should be cleaned and treated with coat protection.

This H beam shot blasting machine is mainly composed by five systems: cleaning system, workpiece transport system, shot recycling system, dust collecting system and electric control system.

H beam shot blasting machine is a kind of dry cleaning equipment that cleans the rust or dust through impacting the workpiece surface by high-speed shots. This H beam shot blasting equipment is applicable for H beam, box beam, welding structure, steel plate, profile beam and other different shapes.

After shot blasting, surface rust or dust can be removed, and the welding stress can be released, too. So it can reduce deformation, improve fatigue resistance and enhance paint adhesion.


H beam shot blasting machine has following features:
1. The clean room and shot blasters are designed reasonably and the blasting range is quite wide to ensure thorough cleaning.
2. This H beam shot blasting equipment uses centrifugal shot blasters with large blasting amount and fast blasting speed for enhanced cleaning efficiency. Surface cleanliness: Sa2~Sa2.5.
3. Our H beam shot blasting machine is equipped with sophisticated curtain type separator that can separate the dust, broken shots, etc. from useful shots.
4. The H beam shot blasting equipment is designed with high-efficiency pulse filter dust collector. Filtering speed of filter cartridge is 0.4-0.8m/min, and speed of cloth bag filter reaches 2-4m/min. So same wind volume, the filter size is much smaller than cloth bag. And the filter tank is easy for installation, transportation, and commissioning. Dust exhaust is less than standard 100mn/m3.

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