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Head and Tailstock Welding Positioner

This head and tailstock positioner is composed by headstock, tailstock, resetting mechanism, traveling mechanism, locking mechanism, traveling base, jaws and control mechanism.

1. Headstock
The headstock of this head and tailstock welding positioner is composed by jaws, rotatory table, slew bearing, cycloid reducer, electric device, switches and base. Rotation unit transmission process: rotation motor → worm and gear reducer → working table rotation. Because it uses worm and gear reducer, it has self-locking function, which means the working table will not rotate by itself when the working table is tilted and the loading eccentricity, limited by the loading capacity, will not be more than the rated range.

2. Tailstock
The tailstock of our head and tailstock positioner is composed by jaws, rotary table, rotary shaft, base, etc. The rotation of tailstock is driven by the rotation of the headstock.

3. Traveling and locking mechanism
This head and tailstock positioner will travel driven by the movement of tailstock, and the locking mechanism will lock the tailstock after getting to the desired position. This head and tailstock welding positioner is easy and safe to operate.

4. Jaws
The jaws are customized as per the requirements of different components. There are component numbers on each set of jaws to facilitate operators to easily find the suitable jaws.

5. Electric control
All the control buttons are designed on the control cabinet to control forward and backward rotation, stop, etc. A remote control box is also considered for easy operation.

6. Conduction of welding current
The welding current is conducted by three sets of electric devices through cables to basement, allowing 1000A welding current.

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