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Light Pole Welding Machine

Light Pole Welding Machine


Technical Parameter
1. Model: LMH-300
2. Pole size: ɸ60-ɸ1500mm
3. Gantry walking speed: 300-3000mm/min
4. Walking motor: 0.37kW × 2
5. Up/down motor: 0.12kW
6. Slider motor: 40W
7. Slider stroke: left / right ± 50mm, up/down ± 25mm
8. Side cylinder size × stroke: ɸ80mm × 150mm × 2
9. Upper cylinder size × stroke: ɸ80mm × 100mm × 2
10. Elevator stroke × number: 200mm × 2
11. Motor: 0.37kW
12. V channel length: 7100mm
13. Rail distance: C-C 1250mm

Working Process

1. This light pole welding machine carries out welding from head to tail then tail to head.
2. The gantry walks on fine machined rails, through inverter an ideal welding speed from 300mm/min to 3000mm/min can be realized.
3. Two cylinders from upper side press on the pole. Each of them can go up or come down separately. One cylinder comes down to press the pole when the gantry goes from head to tail. The other cylinder comes down to press when the gantry goes from tail to head. As these two cylinders don’t work at the same time, it gives space for operators to observe the welding status.
4. Welding seam can be aligned in millimeter by slightly swinging the knob on the remote control box slightly. The remote control box is designed with magnetic device, making it possible to attach on any suitable place of the machine body when the gantry goes to different directions.
5. The side cylinders of this light pole welding equipment are fixed on the gantry.
6. The support table can elevate the pole to the right height for the cylinders to touch through two motorized elevators. As the elevators are controlled separately, the pole can be adjusted to a suitable level for welding.

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