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Lifting welding rotator is suitable for containers with different front and end sizes. It can keep the whole tank horizontally by adjusting the center height of the rollers. The features of Lifting We...

Self-adjustable welding rotator is used to weld the circular and longitudinal seam of barrels,pressure containers, boilers and so on. The features of self-adjustable we...

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Tank Rotators For Sale The Tank Rotators are built in capacities from 3ton to 200 ton. According to capacity load, the rotator wheels are of PU or FULL metals, which can ensure the support capacity and maintain working long time. The specifications are as follow1. Each set includes 01 powered unit and 01 idler unit with electrical control system.2. Schneider / T verter inverter3. Siemens/Omron /CHNT electrical components4. Remote control with 10m cables5. CE & ISO approved Product Details
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