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Welding Rotator are mainly used in cylinder welding,such as marine,oil,gas,offshore,petro chemical,plate heat exchanger,charged air cooler,pressure vessel,boiler.It has advantages of advanced te...

Today we will share you some tips for maintaining the welding rotator:

1.The welding rotator should be cleared before using. Rubber rollers would be better to keep away from oils and heat to avoid aging. If possible,one specific person should be assigned to operate and maintain the welding rotator.

2. During installation and start up the welding rotator, the speed reducer must be filled with machine oil, this is also necessary when the environmental temperature is below 0℃. The oil should be completely replaced after the first month in use, then changed every six months.

3. To avoid damage to bearings, welding ground should not be placed on roller bed.

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